Espaço LVA na RIO +20

Pier Mauá | Armazem 1 | 13 a 23 de junho

LVA has participated with an exhibition stand in Mauá Pier during the Rio+20, between 13th and 24th of June. Thousands of people have passed through there, and they all had the opportunity to see the company’s vision about planning sustainable cities. Some of LVA projects were also shown at the exhibition stand. 


Watch the video of our exhibition stand.

LVA promoted a debate on urbanization of slums on June 15th, during the Rio+20. The event, which was held at HSBC Arena, happened with the participation of people from different areas and had as speakers the architect Denise Portella, the sociologist Stela Murta and the economist Guilherme Rezende.  


Watch the video of the debate.